Brian Colona is new to Rugby with the SaberCats’ first exhibition match at Constellation Field being his first exposure to the sport. Colona graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago and spent his entire career in the oil and gas business across the U.S. with Chevron and Vitol in various technical, managerial and commercial roles. After thinking he had retired at the end of 2012, Colona was back at work in early 2013 as the construction manager on a project building Vitol’s new trading offices in Houston and then into his new role as President of the SaberCats where he is leading the effort on the construction of AVEVA Stadium and overseeing the various functions of the business. He’s had the good sense to leave the day-to-day team/player decisions to an able group of Rugby experts; Head Coach Justin Fitzpatrick and Team / League Co-Founders, Jeremy Turner and Marty Power. Brian is thrilled to be a part of bringing Rugby to the City of Houston and hopes see you at AVEVA Stadium in the 2019 season. GO CATS !!!

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